Saturday, August 25, 2007

I guess Cathal Armstrong was busy that night

Following in the steps of Roberto Donna, Jose Andres, and Morou, Agraria chef Ricky Moore will be leaping into the arena at Kitchen Stadium in Iron Chef America - coming soon to a boob tube near you!

Upon hearing this I was honestly surprised. Why Agraria? I can think of a hundred better places in the city to eat...hell, Washingtonian thought of a hundred better restaurants. Perhaps if the list was the 101 top restaurants in Washington he could have made it, but surely an "Iron Chef" can put out better food more consistantly than say...Butterfield 9.

The real reason I feel that Chef Moore was chosen is because of the idea of the restaurant. Organic, sustainable, straight from the farm to your plate. We're down with that - but Iron Chef, if you wanted a good sustainable chef who'd look good on TV, how about giving Barton Seaver a call?

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The Badger King said...

Ohhhh, I could watch that Barton Seaver all night long. Watch him take my... uhhh, we'll leave it at that.