Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Congratulatons America - You're Fat!

Friends of mine often joke that I have the eating habits of a fourteen year old girl. Sure, sometimes I'll splurge and have a second cup full of carrots...or two fried dough dishes within twenty four hours, but I generally eat pretty healthy.

Well who's laughing now? Probably not the people of Mississippi, where 30% of the adult population is classified as obese. A report released today by the Trust for America's Health, states that following Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee, all have 27% or above of their adult population dangerously overweight.

But what about the children; they are our future after all. Well, if they really are, it's going to be a pretty overweight future. Washington D.C. leads the nation with almost 23% of children considered obese, again, followed by primarily southern states: West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennesee, and North Carolina.

Surely there has to be some healthy people, right? Well surprise, surprise, they mainly live in some fairly wealthy states and states not in the south. Colorado, Massachusetts, Vermont, Hawaii and Connecticut have the healthiest adults; while Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Idaho have the healthiest children.

This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. People grabbing that double cheeseburger because it's the only thing they can afford, and southerners eating their local fare which just happens to include sugar laden sweet tea and fried pork fat are going to be heavier than urbanites who can buy healthy at Whole Foods.

The actual report is 120 pages - read it. It's enough to make you pass up on that second helping of fried dough.

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