Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just take it out back...

It's the post that just won't die. For whatever reason I just can't bring myself to finish writing about Restaurant Week, so here it is, the very (very, very) short version of RW '07 continued.

Tenpenh gets it. They understand what RW is all about, and do it very well. The atmopshere is incredibly comfortable, and even on a busy Friday night the service was running on all cylinders.

Starting off with a refreshingly delicious salmon tartare, I decided on the beef tenderloin for my entree. Two large wonderfully cooked pieces of cow sitting on top of a kimchee-noodle cake and served with a spicy (but not too hot) chili hollandaise.

To be honest I don't remember what I had for dessert (Jill, help me out here), but we left the restaurant with a very positive impression overall - so much so that I'd put it only behind Zola as far as our best Restaurant Week find.

After we left, Jill and I decided to go to Central (conveinently located next door) for drinks - more on that later. In short, Central was amazing (best oysters and bread I've ever had) - but I want to hold off on writing something official until I actually have a meal there.

Dinner on Friday was followed up by lunch at Hook in Georgetown on Saturday. Located in a prime spot on M St. NW, Hook is one of the hottest new restaurants in town, and RW gave us a good excuse to go try it out.

With a new menu each day, you're guaranteed to get whatever is freshest - and the taste definately shows. Hook is all about clean - its atmosphere, its service, its food, are all sharp, professional, and what you'd expect out of the biggest buzz generator this side of the Potomac.

The crudo concept provides a very refreshing first course, and the tuna I had for my entree was perfectly cooked (I generally like my tuna raw, but this was done very well, and the portion size was solid as well).

Hook is fortunate enough to have Heather Chittum handling their desserts, ensuring whatever you get for your final course will be one to remember.

Overall it was a very successful Restaurant Week. From the bread at Zaytinya, to the beef at Tenpehn, to the tuna at Hook, every restaurant left me with something to remember, and left me wishing that the next Restaurant Week would come sooner than later.

1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

3241 M St. NW
Washington, DC 20007

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