Sunday, September 23, 2007

It is DC

It was a busy week at work, hence a slow week on the blog. I've got a big food week coming up, so expect a lot to read.

The week was unofficially kicked off last night at Ben's Chili Bowl, which - and I think I've said this before at some point - is the most important restaurant in Washington DC.

Yes, the food isn't the best (though it's pretty damn good), and the decor isn't the most modern and the plating isn't pretty, but no restaurant truly represents Washington DC like Ben's.

Washington DC isn't the only city with star chefs and fancy french restaurants, but we're the only one that has Ben's - its food, its character, and its history. And after a chili half smoke and some chili cheese fries last night, I'm incredibly thankful for that.


Richard Nixon said...

I only have one objection to this post: what's wrong with their plating?

Their signature dish is the chili half-smoke. They put the dog in the bun, throw the chili on top (and any other toppings like onions and cheese), put it on a plate with some chips on the side. Is there a better way to do this? A chili dog is a celebration of food excess. The indiscriminate piling on of ingredients adds to the primal joy of the experience. It's not supposed to be a thought-out plating, because the point is to get it from the kitchen to your mouth as quickly and ferociously as possible.


Agatha said...

My big objection to Ben's is that they don't take credit cards.

I second Marc's "Mmmmm."