Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not-so-Happy Hour?

If Washington DC could have an official meal, it'd be happy hour. Yes, it's more of a liquid meal than it is a meal of substance, but I would bet that more people partake in happy hour here than they do breakfast, or even a proper lunch.

But over the past day or two, there's been a debate on the forums of donrockwell.com over what constitutes proper happy hour fare.

Should restaurants stick to traditional burgers? Or should sushi be considered fair game?

What's your favorite happy hour dish? What would you add to your favorite happy hour menu?

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amycaseycooks said...

I love happy hour. I like to make/have foods that match the drink I am having. Margarita and hot, fresh chips and homemade salsa, sake and teriyaki steak and asparagus bites, chardonnay and warm brie, dried apricots and water crackers. Too bad it is only 8;30 in the morning.