Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feeling the heat? Grab some FroYo!

Ok, so we don't yet have a Pinkberry or a Red Mango, but tomorrow, DC's first dedicated tart frozen yogurt shop will open.

Tangysweet, owned by DC native Aaron Gordon, will offer both original, green tea, and pomegranate yogurt, with a variety of toppings including fruit, cookies, and cocoa and fruity pebbles.

Along with yogurt, they'll have smoothies in straw, rasp, black and blueberry.

Tangysweet is located at 21st and P, just west of Dupont Circle.


Anonymous said...

throw in a little creme brulee and some beef tartare and you've got the classic cliche trifecta.

green tea and pomegranate? really?

Anonymous said...

I've already been by twice. I love this place! If folks haven't heard of pink berry or red mango yet - it's better than any other frozen yogurt - tangier - no fat - great berries! and if you ask me, dc's own tangysweet is a best in breed. It's a hip place with a very tasty, good for you product.