Thursday, June 12, 2008

Everyone's Talking About Glover Park

Up until recently, Glover Park for me was the first place I'd ever completely blacked out while drinking. Now and in the months to come, you can get completely smashed, and evidently get a pretty good meal while doing it.

Washington Business Journal's Gillian Gaynair did a great report (see video below) on all of the new additions to come, and some of the concerns that the neighborhood has. I don't know what it is about Georgetown/Glover Park that they really don't want anyone else coming there. So what if a little riff-raff mixes in with the regular rich-raff? It's not going to become the next Adams Morgan, and if it does, it'll be because of places like Town Hall and Smith Point, not because of ZBurger.

In addition to the WBJ report, Metrocurean wrote a pretty comprehensive post about everything new that's going on - complete with links.

So, do the residents of Glover Park really have anything to fear? Will this quiet little neighborhood really become the next big thing? Or just another place for Georgetown students to go once they get kicked out of their regular M St. bar?

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