Sunday, June 29, 2008

Butterfield 9 Rumored to be Closed

Starting from a rumor on the boards that started two days ago, it looks like Butterfield 9, the downtown restaurant once called "one of the 100 hottest restaurants in the world" according to Conde' Nast Traveler Magazine, is closed.

The restaurant, headed up by Chef Michael Harr, was the subject of many jokes between Apples and myself, as it was the site of our first Restaurant Week meal, and a very disappointing one at that.

If these rumors (which, coming from Rockwell himself I'd consider above the rumor level onto pretty solid fact) prove to be true, it'll leave another big restaurant space opening downtown, near where Red Sage used to be, and continues to sit as a restaurant corpse.

It'll be interesting to see why BF9 is closing, and if any other restaurants of similar ilk close their doors in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

You people are clueless, having dined a Butterfield9 MANY meals, Chef Michael Harr is an amazing chef. If you can only describe restaurant week as your top dining experience maybe you should write about eating at Ruby Tuesdays. The menus at Butterfield 9 during Chef Harr's tenor always changed to the season and reflected the true art of regional American cuisine at its best. If it is true that it closed. We wish you the best Chef Michael Harr your food is Amazing. Four stars all the way. Best of luck and hopefully we will be dining again in your next venture.

Anthony said...

I have no doubt that Michael Harr is a great chef, and that like Alison Swope (who has already landed on her feet), he'll go on to do great things. Unfortunately, I think RW is test for many people as to whether or not they'll frequent that restaurant again. BF9 just left us with a bad taste in our mouths - even though, ironically, I've been wanting to go back.

And I do write about Ruby Tuesdays...not a big fan of them either.