Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Food Day: Food Flashback Edition

Happy food day folks (for the next hour). I didn't/won't have time to go through the big food stories of the day, chief of which being the current battle over foie gras in Maryland, but I did eat somewhere tonight I haven't been in years - TDR.

For most of you, that probably doesn't mean a thing, but if you went to American University, it almost means everything. The Terrace Dining Room (AU doesn't have basements, just terraces) serves as the cafeteria and primary social center on campus. Honestly, I was never a huge fan, but I was kind of excited to see what has changed in the three years since I've last visited.

The verdict? Not a whole lot. I was surprised that even as an alumni (for whom there's no discount, which I think is BS), I had to pay $12.75, but the surprises stopped there.

Everything is where it was, and where it probably always will be. Yes you can't scoop your own ice cream anymore (it's a health hazard according to the administrator I was eating with), but it's still the same all you can eat crap I remembered...and I love it.

It can't touch the quality of the food at Smith (where Apples went to school), or the size of the dining hall at Notre Dame (where my BFF Mike went to school), but it does the job, and I know that when I visit again in three years, I'll still know where the ice cream is.


Richard Nixon said...

It may not have been as good as Smith or ND, but it was better than Georgetown (at least than Georgetown was during freshman year). And the food at Colby-Sawyer College in NH will kill you.

TDR had its good and bad points, but you could usually get a halfway decent meal, so long as you avoided the soups. And those cookies...mmm... they must have been laced with something.

Sarah Meyer Walsh said...

Oh the allure of TDR - I had almost forgotten that place!

You have to give them credit for trying with some of the interesting soups and the little organic station!