Friday, March 7, 2008

Food = Gifts?

So I've going to a housewarming party at a fellow blogger's house tonight and I want to bring a gift. Usually I'll just bring a bottle of wine (and will most likely do so tonight), but what other food products or food related items are good for such an occassion?

If you bring wine, how expensive is too expensive (or too cheap)?

Let's hear it folks. Who has some great ideas out there?


Katie Leitch said...

I'm not so sure it'll be a great idea, but I just got back from the grocery store with a loaf of bread and some oil (avocado-lemon? It intrigued me).

Remember in It's a Wonderful Life, when they move that family into their first house and George's wife gives them bread and salt? I was going to do that, but couldn't find any cool salt. Oh well.

Also, I wish I had seen these earlier:

See you laterz!

Richard Nixon said...

sausage. always bring sausage

Um... Yum! said...

I was going to say just bring wine that you would normally spend on a casual bottle of wine, but um...I like the sausage idea. You should bring one of those sausage & cheese gift baskets! Mm...

Alison said...

The French are into bringing nice chocolates bc it avoids the whole "to serve or not to serve" etiquette question. In terms of $$ on a twenty something on a limited budget, I generally try and bring a relatively inexpensive, but tried and true interesting bottle ppl might not have tried. Best Cellars in DuPont is a great resource due to the variety of non-kendall jackson and yellow tail bottles for under $20. (plus the free tastings every evening at 5:30pm allow you to try before you commit to that new grape) I like St. Cecelia Malbec for a whopping $9...give it a try!