Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Help: Your chance to play journalist

By no means am I a journalist (except for in real life), but I occasionally like to play one online.

This Friday I'll be talking with Dave Pressley, Managing Partner and General Manager of Eventide Restaurant, which will be opening up in Clarendon sometime this Spring.

The restaurant, which will be on the same block as Liberty Tavern and Clarendon Ballroom, will certainly add to a growing independent restaurant scene in the area that's countering the entrenched powers of La Tasca and Cheesecake Factory.

But here's your chance to ask the tough questions of someone in the industry. Submit your questions in the comments section and I'll ask them (obviously if they're germane).

I plan on asking about how he plans on differentiating Eventide from other new restaurants such as Liberty Tavern and Restaurant 3, and why so many businesses in the main section of Clarendon seem to fall through.

Again, please submit questions - this is your chance to be a part of the story.

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Anonymous said...


This is great! I’m always excited to learn about a new restaurant in Clarendon, and yes it is a shame that so many business seem to fall through in this area. I have recently started to buy more produce and meat from local farmer’s markets. I’ve also started to notice more local restaurants also buying local and then creating seasonal menus.

My question for Mr. Pressley is: What are his thoughts on this approach: buying locally and creating seasonal menus?

Looking forward to the interview!