Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Awards Time

In the past few days two major sets of award nominees have come out, the local Rammys, and the national James Beard Awards.

Of course DC has a great showing in the James Beard Awards, with notables such as Jose Andres getting a nomination for Outstanding Chef, and Central for best new restaurant.

Some of the notable Rammy nominees include out of towners Eric Ripert and Wolfgang Puck's new restaurants for best new restaurant, and big time names R.J. Cooper, Eric Ziebold, Robert Wiedmaier, Todd Gray, and Michel Richard as Chef of the year.

For a full list of James Beard nominees from the DC area - visit Metrocurean here, and for a full list of Rammy nominees, visit the Washingtonian here.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Dino's nomination for "wine program" compels a BYOB movement.