Saturday, December 22, 2007

Washingtonian Top 100 and RW 2008

While waiting for my MARC train to BWI yesterday at Union Station, I picked up a copy of January's Washingtonian, and as promised, here's the new top 10 restaurants in the Washington DC area, at least according to Washingtonian Magazine.

1. Citronelle (Four Stars)
2. CityZen (Four Stars)
3. Komi (Four Stars)
4. Restaurant Eve (Three and a half Stars)
5. Minibar (Three and a half Stars)
6. Inn at Little Washington (Three and a half Stars)
7. Palena (Three and a half Stars)
8. Vidalia (Three and a half Stars)
9. Kinkead's (Three Stars)
10. Central (Three Stars)

Just a few quick observations: I'm surprised that Komi topped Eve. Now, admittedly, I haven't been to either, but the prevailing winds have been in Eve's favor lately, and the Armstrongs did win Restaurateurs of the Year, but a large amount of credit must go to Johnny Monis and his four star joint.

Also, newcomers Wolfgang Puck and Eric Ripert took the 14th and 15th spots respectively with The Source and Westend Bistro.

So now that the Washingtonian list is out, here's your chance to try some of them on the (almost) cheap. The full Restaurant Week list is out for the 14th through the 20th of January.

So far I have reservations at Oval Room for Tuesday and Sushi-Ko on Wednesday. I chose Oval Room because of it's high ranking in the Washingtonian List (13) and Sushi-Ko because I've really been itching to go there for a long time, and I figure this is my chance (It also ranked 29th this year, which certainly helps).

So, where have you made reservations so far? Or where do you plan on making reservations?


Anonymous said...

I haven't decided where to make a reservation for RW yet... I guess I'd better get on the ball! I was thinking 1789 just because it's so well-known, or maybe Vidalia (I see it got ranked 8 on that list). I've enjoyed the RW at Ceiba and Taberna Del Alabardero in the past...

Anthony said...

I would avoid 1789 for RW. They do a normal pre-theatre special year round (at least I'm 99% sure) that's pretty much the same thing.

It's a great restaurant, I just wouldn't waste a RW reservation when you can just go whenever.

Anonymous said...

I would avoid 1789 for any event. I went there a few months ago after everyone told me it was a great place to dine. The service was dismal -- apparently a Georgetown undergrad working there to pay the bills; the food was not impressive either, receiving a meat dish that was room temp.