Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Food Day: Lovin' the Latkes edition

Man do I love the holidays...and the fried potatoes that come with. And now, here's the news in the world of food:

Richard Moves on the West Coast: Riding high off his James Beard award, Chef Michel Richard will be opening two restaurants in LA next month according to the Washington Post. One, also titled Citronelle, will be an eighty seat venture at the Carmel Valley Ranch resort. The other, called Citrus at Social, will also be located in LA and will have more of a lighter, "LA" feel to it.

I also remember reading some time ago that there was talk of him opening a spot up in Bethesda. As long as he stays based in the DC area, I, and the rest of us here in and around the beltway will be happy.

Secret Supper: There's a great story in the Boston Globe's food section about "Love + Butter", a underground restaurant/supper club that's defying the Board of Health and operating without proper licenses and inspections - oh, and the food there is supposed to be amazing.

R.I.P. Entree: The NYT has the most interesting article I've seen today, declaring the decline of the entree. According to the Times, in major cities such as New York, San Francisco and Chicago (Why not DC NYT? I think this town and chefs like Jose Andres has done more to advocate the cause of small plates (the primary downfall of the entree) than any other chef in this country, he, and by association, we, deserve credit) have been turning their nose up at the big protein laden dishes.

My thoughts on this article are mixed; I agree with the premise that the entree is no long the placeholder in the center of your meal, I think it must be acknowledged that this isn't a mainstream trend yet, and somehow I doubt it will be anytime soon.

On that note, lunch has arrived and Tom's chat starts in 15. Have a wonderful snow filled food day folks!

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PG said...

I'm so full from latkes right now.