Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'd imagine this is what Iowa is like, but you know, with fish instead of beef or corn. Melbourne, Florida, as with most parts of Florida lives and dies with the sea. You're more likely to get a piece of fish for dinner than you are chicken or beef, and being this close to the source, it's a good thing.

This morning started off with a stroll to the beach. Jackie (the sister and master of all things marine bio) took us down and explained sciency things way beyond my comprehension as a simpleton.

Unfortunately the Red Tide is still pretty bad today, and we scurried back in before we coughed our lungs out.

For lunch my mother and I ventured down the street to Boardwalk Burrito Co., a local burrito place right on (who would have guessed?) the boardwalk off of A1A.

I decided on one of the mahi-mahi tacos and a chicken taco. At a few dollars a piece, it's a pretty good deal, and they come with a substantial portion of house made corn chips.

The mahi-mahi (in the foreground) was particularly good, and the flavors of the fish really came through with a nice cabbage slaw and tomatoes.

After lunch my father, sister and I went south a few miles to do a little crabbing.

Crabbing, for those who haven't been, involves fixing a piece of bait to a trap (as my father is above) and drop it into the water, which is generally shallow, and wait for the crabs to come up to the bait (chicken in this case). Once they do, pull the trap up, and collect the crab.

Unfortunately, I caught the only crab of the day, and we went back home empty handed.

In general, today was full of ocean related activity, which culminated with a sushi dinner which I'll post about tomorrow. Until then, have a great night folks!

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