Thursday, December 13, 2007

Best story of the day involving several pies and a dog

Think about this for a second:

It's the World Pie-Eating Championships. You're a former winner and are in charge of ensuring that the pies stay safe. When going to chase a pigeon out of your chimney, do you:

a) Leave your dog next to the pies
b) Take your dog with you to ensure the safety of the pies.

Evidently 1995 champion Dave Williams has a lot of misplaced faith in his dog, Charlie, because Charlie proceeded to eat twenty pies and "damaged" ten more.

Luckily local bakers were pressed into action and the competition went on as planned, with one more competitor - Charlie.

However, Charlie must have been full after taking care of over twenty pies, and didn't even finish his competition pie.

The first place award went to 42-year-old Adrian Frost from Wigan who finished his pie in a 34 seconds, which is a new record.

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