Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stealing food = delicious fun

In one of our better adventures last night, Evan and I went to the Senator to see Fiddler on the Roof. But, as we got there early, and were both hungry, we ventured over to Belvedere Square, which is essentially a mall with a little strip component to it.

What we found there was pure gold, a true Chanukah miracle: an open office Christmas party being held both inside and outside Belvedere Market. The whole market was open, and there was more free food than a VIP box at the Super Bowl.

Were we invited? No! Evan recognized the name of the company as some real estate developer firm, so with the help of some fast talking we were able to fit in pretty quickly.

But this wasn't a party as much as it was a food orgy.

Name it and they had it. Sushi? Yep, all you can eat. Sandwiches? Four or Five different kinds. Cheese? A good dozen varieties. Ice Cream? Some of the best ice cream I've had since I was in Vermont.

But the best part was outside. They had a beer truck, a truck-o-beer, all the wine you could drink, and the true highlight: they had three guys shucking oysters. Not just oysters, but the biggest oysters I've ever seen. I think they pulled them right out of the water and brought them directly to the market, because they were also some of the freshest I've ever had.

So after 15 oysters, about 15 pieces of sushi, a small bowl of cinnamon ice cream, a sandwich, a few cheese samples, a hot chocolate and a hot cider we made our way to the Senator...with our stomachs and wallets still full.

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Richard Nixon said...

now this is the sort of thing that makes me miss everyone.