Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bite-sized desserts, so hot right now. Bite-sized desserts.

Even though this isn't exactly breaking news (Foodservice Monthly's blog Sauce on the Side posted this a couple weeks ago), the National Restaurant Association has come out with its What's Hot and What's Not survey.

Aside from allowing me to make the obvious Zoolander reference, it's a great way to make fun of your friends for eating tofu (which is only 25% hot as opposed to 59% not).

So what's hot right now?

Bite-sized desserts are knocking the casual dining super sundaes off the map with a 83% hot rating. Coming in a close second is locally-grown produce with 81% (and only 5% not), with organic produce, tapas, and specialty sandwiches rounding out the top ten.

And what's not?

Star fruit (62% not), fruit flavored wine (63% not), and anything deep or pan fried (with only 17% hot) were among some of the least favoried food items/techniques.

So what did we learn from this?

If you're opening up a restaurant, you'll probably want to open up a small tapas and specialty sandwich joint that serves local organic produce.

You probably wouldn't want to serve anything deep fried and chinese (Chinese food is only 22% hot).

So, after all those numbers, what food do you think is hot right now? What do you think is not? What's your list?


Um... Yum! said...

I would say anything that is over 120 degrees farenheit is hot. Anything less is not.

Anthony said...

Taking things literally is so hot right now.