Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

It's going to be awfully hard to top this game today. Either way history will be made, and I'm not just talking about the record numbers that will be spent on the commercials.

But as millions nationwide gather to watch the Patriots and Giants square off, one question above all will be asked - what's for dinner?

So what are your Super Bowl food plans for tonight? Sticking with good ole chips and salsa? Firing up the grill? Or maybe you're ordering a few pizzas.

Apples and I were supposed to go to a friend's to watch the game, but Apple's day job seems to have gotten in the way, so we're scrambling for ideas of something to make.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?


Richard Nixon said...

My dad's rather spicy chili.


Chips, with salsa and french onion dip.

friendsforkim said...

I'd like to know what kind of martini your father would pair with that chili.

But I bet I know what kind of beer you're drinking.

Jess said...

We have a whole incredible menu of things to serve. And I am slightly bitter that you guys won't be there to partake. Also, now we're going to have even more leftovers than we were before.

But if you want to pretend you're over at our place, I'd suggest bratwurst, wings, beer, baked brie, and truffles. In fact, I think I'm going to have to post the complete list on my own blog tomorrow.

We'll miss you!