Friday, February 8, 2008

Coming Soon: Eventide Restaurant in Clarendon

If you read as frequently as I do, I'm sure you've noticed a number of posts recently from Dave Pressley, who is tagging himself as, "Managing Partner/GM, Eventide Restaurant - Opening in Clarendon, Spring 2008".

Well last night a little light was shed on Eventide. According to Pressley, the restaurant will be located at the corner of Wilson Blvd and Hudson St, right across from the Clarendon Metro.

The targeted open date for Eventide is this May/June. Once it's open Eventide will be two stories, with the first consisting of a bar serving, "inspired, well-crafted cocktails and a bit of a more elegant atmosphere than a bunch of Clarendon restaurants play host to", and the second floor containing 90 seats with 3 semi-private areas for groups.

While the chef and bar staff haven't been declared yet, the GM (Pressley) and Assistant GM, Nick Freshman, have come from Olives and Poste in DC, so no doubt they come well prepared.

This is exciting news for me, as I pass through Clarendon in one way or another at least twice a day. The restaurant scene there has already been upgraded through Liberty Tavern, I hope that Eventide can only add to it.

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