Thursday, February 28, 2008

Found: Pizza by the slice

Thanks to the fine readers of, my co-worker and I found a good slice of pizza, at Washington Deli on 20th and K St. NW.

If you're coming in from K St, you'll have to enter at the 1990 K St. entrance and go up to the second floor, and walk all the way to the back, where you then walk down stairs again. Confusing? Yes. But the pizza is pretty decent.

A slice is $2.75, and you can get a slice and a soda for $4.00.

As I said, the pizza was decent. It could have been a little warmer, but then again it was -50 degrees outside, so I'm surprised the slice didn't freeze on impact once I brought it outside.

So mission accomplished. Now if I could only get some good dim sum.

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Jess said...

There is really good Dim Sum at Oriental East in Silver Spring. There is always a huge line out the door by the time they open at 11 on Sundays, and almost everyone in there is actually Chinese. Those are the two hallmarks of good dim sum as far as I'm concerned. Other than the fact that the food is delicious, of course, which I can also vouch for.