Monday, February 18, 2008

Movie Night at Tallula

Sunday nights usually aren't for going out and getting crazy, but if you're in the mood to get out of the house, catch a movie, and maybe get a little something to eat, head down to Tallula in Arlington for their Sunday night movie night.

Apples surprised me last night and brought me down there. Get there early if you actually want to see the movie, as the seats at EatBar (the section of Tallula where the movie plays) get filled up quick.

Aside from the full EatBar menu you'll be given all the free white truffle popcorn you can eat along with free movie concessions.

Apples and I both split a side of onion rings and each had a mini burger before the movie (Life is Beautiful...which was an odd choice as it's about the Holocaust and all) started.

The onion rings were fine, nothing special, but the mini burgers were quite good (though I could have used a little more meat in mine).

If you plan on going in the next few weeks, here's what you'll be watching:

24 February: Some Like it Hot
2 March: St. Elmo's Fire
9 March: The Sweetest Thing
16 March: Thelma & Louise
23 March: Pretty in Pink
30 March: Wedding Date

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