Friday, February 1, 2008

Cheap: It's what's for dinner

This is usually how it goes down: I'm sitting at work, not doing a whole lot. Apples is sitting at work, doing something. It's around 4:00pm, and we're both getting hungry. She says, "I could really go for a _______." I respond with, "Well why don't I make you a ______________ for dinner?"

Last night Apples wanted grilled cheese, which was fine with me because there are so many ways you can take grilled cheese it's hard to get bored of it.

So after walking around Harris Teeter looking for, and finding the perfect cheese, we had ourselves some nice grilled cheese and tomato on wheat bread.

The cheese we selected was Morel & Leek Jack cheese from Great Midwest Cheese. The cheese melted perfectly and was sharp enough to really taste, but mild enough not to overpower the tomato or the bread (or the little bit of pesto I put on mine).

All together we paid about $8 for the whole meal, which honestly could have used a little tomato soup (so make that $10). Still not the cheapest thing you could eat, but for the product, it was well worth it.

So, anyone else out there have anything good for dinner last night?

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