Monday, November 12, 2007

What's on your Thanksgiving Menu?

Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away, and already I'm all kinds of excited for it.

Every family has their special recipes - those dishes that make that dinner special.

For my family, it's a sweet potato casserole recipe that my grandmother came up with, one that we all wait a whole year for (and it's worth it).

So what's your family's special dish? What are you most looking forward to having or making this Thanksgiving?


Richard Nixon said...

My mom's stuffing is particularly excellent. It includes italian sausage.

But the other staple is what my dad and I drink prior to the meal.

My Uncle Ray's Manhattan: 3 shots of either Canadian Club or Seagrams VO whiskey; 1 shot of sweet vermouth; a dash of bitters; a cherry and a little bit of cherry juice from the jar.

Guaranteed to make you stumble to the dinner table! :)

Agatha said...

Marc, Manhattans have lately been my favorite drink. I'm definitely going to try this one (though don't worry, I'd never pass it off as my own recipe).

I'm actually on a sort-of quest to find the best in DC. So far, Town and Country at the Mayflower Inn, though once I had to ask for bitters there.

PG said...

I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month. Here is the link to what I cooked (and some recipes).

Thanks for adding me on 20-something bloggers!