Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Food Day - Italian edition

Happy food day all! It's been a crazy week in the real world, and ironically food has kept me from writing (I've produced more food segments this week than I care to count).

But now, here's a taste of what's going on in the food world today:

An offer I can't refuse: In the Dish section in today's WaPo, news that Savino Racine, the owner of Primi Piatti and Finemondo in Washington is planning on opening a new place in Rockville. Named "Oro Pomodoro", Racine will have a Naplese pizza maker manning the pizza oven, and will even show Italian movies on a ten foot screen.

Local Boy Makes Good: The New York Times came out with their updated review of Fabio Trabocchi's new home - Fiamma, located in SoHo NYC. The Old Gray Lady really liked it, though states that Fabio is, "about as Italian as a poodle in a Prada scarf."

Earning a solid three stars, it sounds like Fabio is wowing the NY crowd the same way he impressed us. Let's hope he comes back soon.

The Essence of Reruns: Emeril Live won't be well, live anymore. According to an AP story, after a solid ten year run the mega-New Orleans celebrity who also cooks will continue to star in the Essence of Emeril, while Emeril Live will run via reruns.