Sunday, November 4, 2007

What's on your list?

Unless you've lived in DC for a while and have the funds to do so, odds are you probably haven't hit up every restaurant you've wanted to go to.

My top five is as follows (though it certainly doesn't stop at this):

1) Restaurant Eve
2) Comet Ping Pong
3) CityZen
4) Sushi-Ko
5) Ray's the Steaks

So, I'll toss this to you - which restaurants in the DC area are on your list?

(If any of the restaurants on your list are also on mine - let me know, company is always welcome)


Agatha said...
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Agatha said...

I'd love to go to Comet on any night that coordinates with a great speaker at P&P. Judith Jones will be there on December 4th -- which seems up your alley.

Richard Nixon said...

Sadly enough, I've never been to Jaleo. So that would have to top the list. Ray's the Steaks is a close second.

Liza and Gary said...

STwo of my favorites are Tabard Inn and Sonoma.