Saturday, November 24, 2007

A taste of home

Since many of us who went home, or somewhere we'll consider home for the weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to see where everyone was eating in their own respective corners of the universe.

Me? After a long nap on the beach I strolled down to Bizzaro's Pizza on the beach with my parents and had a wonderful slice of pizza.

Bizzaro's is classic New York style pizza, made by a bunch of Italian guys from New York - it says so on their sign.

So, what food of note have you had in your respective "hometowns"?


Richard Nixon said...

I haven't eaten out much this weekend. But I had lunch today with my parents at Federal Jacks in Kennebunkport (ok, technically its in Kennebunk, but just over a bridge and a 5 minute walk from downtown Kennebunkport). We've been going there for years. Basic brewpub (it is one of the original Shipyard brewers).

They make an excellent non-traditional lobster bisque, with chunks of lobster meat stirred into the stock. Very flavorful. However, the market price for lobster is RIDICULOUS right now, so I had the soup of the day, which is a crab bisque. Cooked very similar to the lobster; I think they mix a slight amount of wine (white?) into the stock.

The other interesting thing about Feddys is that beyond the usual pub fare (which is admittedly excellent; you can't go wrong with their burgers) they have 8 entree salads on the menu. I had the cobb, which was mostly traditional, with chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, and egg over a bed of greens and tomatoes. But they also mixed in a little bit of melon. Now, I don't like melon, but I liked the concept of incorporating fruit into the mix (I think some mandarin oranges would have been great).

On a busy night, you're usually in for a wait, both for your table and your food, so best to go on a night where you're patient and relaxed. But overall, Federal Jacks is another of those places Mainers like because its the same in the winter as it is the summer (which can be rare in tourist havens like the Port).

Anthony said...

Thanks for the comment Marc! I think if I collected all of the comments from you over the past year I'd have a full dining guide for southern Maine.

Richard Nixon said...

Eh...I wouldn't call it full. I'd call it tailored to my idiosyncrasies.