Sunday, February 25, 2007


Sylvester's is, bar none, the best breakfast place in Northampton. That may be just my opinion, but judging by the 45-minute wait for a table this morning, a lot of other people agree with me. Founded by Mr. Sylvester Graham, inventor of the eponymous cracker, Sylvester's is a neighborhood place, with amazing french toast, omlettes, and coffee, always fresh and never greasy. My standard order is hibiscus tea and huevos rancheros-- the tea is light and flowery (its actually an infusion, Dana informed me, as opposed to real tea), kind of like Hi-C but completely un-sweet. The huevos is a huge bowl of perfectly zesty black beans, topped with cheese, fresh salsa, real sour cream, two fried eggs, and two big hunks of sweet and grainy cornbread. Really, a better breakfast was never invented. The food is undoubtedly the reason people hit Sylvester's in the morning, although the middle-aged waiters with pink hair, Trivial Pursuit cards on every table, and very reasonable prices ($7.95 for my bowl o' food) dont hurt either.

Due to technical difficulties the pictures of my breakfast are unavailable, but the tea is pretty! Look:

111 Pleasant Street
Downtown Northampton
(413) 586-5343

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