Friday, February 23, 2007

Just Like Mom's

Well, I’m very excited as we’re posting the first of what will be many recipes on our blog. This one isn’t exactly rocket science as far as culinary complexity goes, but it’s a simple dish, big in flavor – in other words: it’s easy to make and fun to eat..

Upon returning home from playing basketball last night, hungry as ever, I found a container of Fluff, that familiar gooey marshmallow substance, in my cabinets (purchased by my roommate).

Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit me – it’s fluffernutter time. The addition of fluff to peanut butter makes one of the best non-meat sandwiches known to man. So thus, a fluffernutter (or in this case a fluffernannernutter, since a banana was involved) was created.

So the next time you come home, and there just happens to be a large white plastic container of Fluff sitting in front of you, you know what to do.


2 – Slices of bread
1 – Banana
A lot of Fluff
A lot of Peanut Butter

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