Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NoHo BBQ – Part Deux

As Jill is a tough act to follow, and with the exception of our sandwich, we got the same thing, I’ll try to keep this relatively short and non-repetitive.

Expecting to find good BBQ in Massachusetts is like expecting to find good clam chowder in southern Oklahoma – yet sometimes stereotypes are defied and good food can be found in the strangest places.

Met with sounds of Johnny Cash on the radio, Lil’s makes a pretty decent attempt at trying to be a down-home BBQ establishment. Yet, all the PBR signs and all the Johnny Cash in the world can’t make brisket and pork taste good.

I had the BBQ pulled pork, served much like Jill’s pulled chicken, with a side of fries and slaw. To echo Jill’s sentiments: the fries were perfectly cooked and well proportioned – there was a great uniformity in size, texture and taste that make each piece of potato a pleasure to eat. The slaw, while pedestrian, did its job, and I ended up mixing most of it with my BBQ pork.

But to the real meat of the matter: the pork. Wonderfully seasoned, there was a lot of it, enough to have two full sandwiches with, on a bun that did its job perfectly. While the pork was a little on the dry side, it was remedied by a large quantity of the house BBQ sauce, which I almost drank straight from the squeeze bottle it was so good.

While both Jill and I got pulled meat sandwiches, the rest of the menu is quite extensive, including a wide array of sides and desserts.

Though the atmosphere may not have been authentic, and being north of the Mason-Dixon Line it may not have been actual BBQ, it was still a damn fine meal, and one I’d be willing to sit down and get my fingers dirty for again.


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