Monday, August 4, 2008

Travel Channel's Samantha Brown's Special on DC to air Thursday at 10pm

I've never seen Samantha Brown's Passport to Great Weekends on the Travel Channel, but I'll be watching this Saturday as she reports on what you can do to make a great weekend right here in DC.

So what hot spots will she be hitting up? Well, according to the website, she'll be visiting the following places:

1. Hudson for a Cocktail
2. Jack's Boat House to go kayaking
3. Ethiopian food at Etete
4. Poetry and Coffee at Busboys and Poets
5. Anything at Ben's Chili Bowl

Also, if you watch the commercials, she clearly goes to Perry's for drag queen brunch. I've got to give it to her (or most likely, her producers), she actually picked some decent places - though I have one quasi-issue: Ben's.

I love Ben's. Don't get me wrong, I actually think nothing (aside from Eastern Market) encapsulates the real Washington DC like Ben's, but every travel show on our fair city doesn't need to go to Ben's. There is more here, and it's ok to cover it - visit 2 Amy's on a Sunday morning, or Amsterdam Falafel/Jumbo Slice late on a Saturday night, or maybe even a little Steak and Egg somewhere in between.

So what do you think? Do you approve of this list? What's she missing? What would your five places be?


saltygirl said...

Love your blog!
I fully agree with Jumbo slice.
I might add Tasty Diner to the list, although it's not in the city. I think Trios/ Fox and Hounds is sort of an institution, albeit a very junky one. Who doesn't love junky! And what about Cashions- that's v. DC. Or Kramer's for dessert. Or Madame's Organ for a drink. I'm still waiting for Au Pied de Cochon and Food for Thought to come back. Sigh. Not that i think the ones I mentioned are necessarily the *best food*, mind you, but they seem pretty WDC to me. (At least NW DC.. I'm sure my hill friends would have something to say about my list!)

Anonymous said...

I was just at Hudson last night and I really like the atmosphere. The meaty pizza had a kick and was very tasty. I'm gonna DVR this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about Brown's show -- we were so excited that we made her cut!