Tuesday, January 15, 2008

They've come a long way from cheeseburgers and fries

In the Spring of 2005 (my last semester of college) I had an internship with a member of the House of Representatives. The internship itself was a lot of fun, but one of my favorite parts (aside from randomly and aimlessly roaming the halls of Congress) was lunch.

Being housed in Longworth, I often went down to the Longworth cafeteria for lunch, though occasionally I'd venture to the Senate side for a romp through Dirksen.

Among my favorites were the pulled pork sandwich in Longworth (with some of the best BBQ sauce I've ever had) and the Mac & Cheese in Dirksen.

But that was then, and this is now. According to Politico.com, it looks like Congressional staffers and visitors will be eating from a more "environmentally friendly and socially progressive" menu.

Among the things to be added to the menu will be, "pan-roasted Chesapeake rockfish with sweet potato fennel hash and yellow pepper relish and pears with Stilton cheese and watercress."

The seafood will be sustainable, the coffee cups biodegradable, and the vending machines energy efficient. Congress still might not get anything done, but at least they're eating better.


The Ex said...

I hate fennel. Yuck.

Get Me an Entertainment Job said...

From mac & cheese to pan-roasted Chesapeake rockfish?? Fancy!

I was a page for a week (for the Virgin Islands... random) when i was 15. Congress wasn't in session, but the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, so that was exciting. Unfortch i don't remember anything about the food, but i did like the underground trolley.