Monday, January 28, 2008

The end of an era and the beginning of one

This past weekend one of Virginia's true landmarks and strangest looking bars, Dr. Dremo closed its doors for the final time. This marks the second such closing in the past month, as Tom Sarris Orleans Steak House also closed down marking the end of a decades long run just down Wilson Blvd.

According to posts on, a, "decent place, non big box restaurant" will open up in that space along with a rather large condo building. Furthermore, Dr. Dremo will eventually find a new location and reopen.

On the other end of the classy spectrum, Cork, a new wine bar on 14th St and Riggs St. NW will open tomorrow.

This bar/restaurant has been getting a lot of good buzz, in large part due to an amazingly large wine list and Ron Tanaka (formerly of CityZen) running the kitchen.

So, did anyone make it to the last night at Dremo? Does anyone plan on going to the first night at Cork?


B said...

All my co-workers went to Dremo's on Friday as part of a send off for 'em.

I'm sad I missed the festivities.. I REALLY liked Dremo's. A LOT.

Anthony said...

I only had a chance to go once - last week, and I really wish I would have gone more often.

There aren't a lot of great bars in the Arlington area; it's just another reason to venture into DC for drinks.