Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last Supper

Time Magazine has an incredibly interesting photo essay on its website where it asks some of the best chefs in the world what their last meal would be if given the chance to plan their own menu.

Opening up the link - here - you'll be greeted by our very own Jose Andres - whose last meal would consist of:

"a barbecue he once had in an old mill in Tazones, a village in Asturias (northern Spain). It consists of warm tortillas and potato omelets, piles of percebes (gooseneck barnacles), llámpares (snail-like mollusks), and centollos (gigantic spider crabs)."

What would my final meal be?

Most likely some sort of massive sashimi platter - followed by a big bowl of Pho and finished off with a bowl of basil ice cream with fresh fruit.

But if I wait five minutes that'll change.

So - with that, I'll throw this to you - what would your final meal be?


Richard Nixon said...

I'd keep it simple:

My mom's sausage-lentil stew if its winter (it's getting cold up here in the north country so I'm starting to crave it). Serve with warm apple cider (from Maine apples, of course).

If it's summer, three hand-made clam cakes with tarter sauce, french fries, a buttered roll, and a cold beer (preferably Shipyard).

bozoette said...

Rare roast beef, cooked with onion and tomatoes. Baked potato with plenty of butter and sour cream. Fresh, homegrown tomatoes with kosher salt. Really good coffee, and a hot fudge sundae.