Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Food Day!

Happy food day to you all - here's what's going on in the culinary world today:

Wolfgang Goes Wild: The Washington Post has a great interview with Wolfgang Puck in their food section today, covering primarily the subjects of foie gras and the (d)evolution of food tv. Wolfgang, is working on a project with the Disney channel to teach kids about cooking and food, had this to say about the current state of food tv:

"It's going in a way now where it's more like housewife cooking than professional cooking. When I did it four or five years ago, they said, "We don't want celebrities; we just want to teach people to be in the kitchen and show them how to cook." . . . [These days, the hosts] get a push-up bra and show a little cleavage and wear a tight sweater, and they think it's sexy housewife cooking."

I couldn't agree with him more.

Go Nuts for Nuts: So evidently the annual nut harvest season starts this month (who knew?), and you've got until December to take advantage. The Washington Post has some great ideas for what to do with the newly acquired bounty.

Chat with Chittum: The Examiner in their weekly chef feature interviewed Vermillion's Anthony Chittum. Not a whole lot from the interview, except that Chittum would like to open up his own restaurant (or perhaps multiple) in a few years. At the young age of 30, he certainly has time to do so.

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