Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Frozen Yogurt Joint to Open in Dupont Circle This Weekend

At what point does a neighborhood have too many frozen yogurt outlets? Dupont Circle, already home to TangySweet, and the future home to Sweetgreen, will now be the home of Mr. Yogato when it opens this Saturday, June 28th at noon.

Located just south of Q St. and 17th St. NW, it looks like Mr. Yogato will look a lot like TangySweet, but with more flavors, toppings, and sans the smoothies.

People who aren't into the whole tangy yogurt thing can also get an "original soft", which I'm assuming tastes more like the TCBY yogurt a lot of us grew up with.

So, are you excited about another yogurt place? How do you think this will match up against the wildly popular TangySweet?

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Betty Bleu said...

Who knew the frozen yogurt competition was so fierce?

Although frankly, I'm a little surprised that DC is so behind in the times. Yogurt shops were spreading like wild fire in the early 2000s.....once all the bagel shops were put out of business due to the lack of interest in carbs.