Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Food Day: Breaking News Edition

There's a lot going on in the world of food today. No New York Times stories here on the evolution of spinach, these are stories that you need to read, because they'll effect where you'll eat.

Hooked: It was his restaurant, and the restaurant was him. Sleek, hip, on the forefront of the environmental and sustainable movements, Barton Seaver was the face and the frying pan behind Hook and his new restaurant, Tackle Box.

No more.

As of today, according to multiple sources (I found out through a simple text from Apples saying, "Seaver left hook"; yet another reason why I have the best girlfriend ever), Barton split with his ownership group, Pure Hospitality, after "difference in philosophies" were highlighted between himself and owner Jonathan Umbel.

While Barton states that he remains "committed to seeing Hook and Tackle Box succeed", losing him in the kitchen and as the creative driving force behind these two projects is a huge loss, and hopefully doesn't affect the service or quality of the restaurants respective products.

Josh Whigham, Hook's Chef de Cuisine, will take over for Barton as the Executive Chef. According to Umbel, "“The restaurant was being run by Josh anyway."

"She's ready to move on": And so we announce the end of Colorado Kitchen, Gillian Clark's DC restaurant, according to the Washingtonian. According to Clark, "The final day is coming. . . . People should make their plans soon. We've had a great seven years and had a really great time. We're not a one-trick pony. . . . My brain has more restaurant concepts in it than Colorado Kitchen."

So what other restaurant concepts could those be? We'll all find out this fall when she opens up a yet to be named restaurant in Silver Spring.

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Anonymous said...

So I guess I should have hit both of these places before, huh? Wow...big news!