Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's Next in Food?

Food, like any other industry, is dominated by trends. So what's next, what's up and coming? I've got to credit Agatha for sending me this link, because it's always good to get a glimpse into the food future.

According to Good Magazine, some of the next big things in food will include Dosas (Little Indian crepes), Pupusas (Salvadorian corn patties with meat inside), and Singapore street foods such as "laksa (a spicy coconut broth with seafood, noodles, and vegetables), roti prata (fluffy pancake-bread dunked in curry), [and] kaya (a coconutty breakfast custard spread) toast will be household names before too long.

So, do any of these sound good to you? Will you be rushing out tonight to get some Bibimbap? Was anything left off of the list?


B said...

ALL of that sounds amazing, especially the Salvadorian food.


Janet said...

My college roommate was from El Salvador and her mom made the best pupusas ever. I love those things now...