Friday, February 8, 2008

Fatty Fridays: And you still have a hand free for pie

When we were all little science promised us so many things. Flying cars, the end to disease, killer robots.

But somewhere along the way these scientists found the bong in their parents closet and came up with this.

The Col-Pop is, as labeled on, a "two food, one cup" item, that contains both chicken nuggets and soda. According to the website that found this technological marvel/horror, there are some flaws; the difference in temperature between the chicken and soda creates condensation that cool your nuggets and water down your soda.

Regardless on how you feel on the issue, you've got to admit that this is a pretty awesome idea, one that I should have come up with a long time ago.

So, the real question is, if you had one cup, what two foods/one food and drink would you put in it?


Anonymous said...

At least the two aren't mixed.

Anonymous said...

Not sure, but I think we all know what the two girls in the video alluded to on Don Rockwell want in theirs.

Sweet Jonny B said...

Dammit Agatha that was rocky road ice cream. I will accept no argument on this matter.

As to two foods: wendy's frosty and french fries seems the natch. And wouldn't using styrofoam instead of paper solve this condensation issue?