Friday, February 29, 2008

I need your help...

If we could all have such problems, life would be a lot better. So here's my deal: one of the anchors on the show I work on wants to take my team out to dinner. Where? It's our call.

Which means it's your call. It has to be moderately priced and in Washington DC, but aside from that, no restrictions.

Ok folks, go nuts. Tell me what you'd pick.


Unknown said...

How big is your team?

I've been a fan of the following more moderate places lately . . .

Saravana Palace
Hollywood East Cafe

JF said...

Minh's for real, but Zengo??? Terrible.

Minh's is more on the 'cheap' side of things. Moderately speaking, how about 2 Amys, St Ex (they some decent prix fixe deals), or Montmartre?

Unknown said...

Our meal at Zengo was wonderful, but it was under special circumstances so maybe on a regular night it's different . . .

I wouldn't say Montmartre is moderate, but so good.