Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wanted: Pizza by the slice

A co-worker and I went out an hour a go in search for a slice of pizza. You know, a good ole' fashion NY style slice.

What'd we find? Nothing. Evidently Luigi's on 19th St NW has pizza by the slice, but when we asked the hostess, she said it was sit down only, no carry out.

I knew when we left the building (on the corner of Desales St and Conn. Ave NW) that we wouldn't find anything. This isn't surprising considering DC is still very much a button down lunch town, but a by the slice pizza place would really do an amazing business here.

Don't get me wrong, DC is a great pizza city, but it's great because of places like 2Amy's and Comet, neither of which are pizza by the slice.

So, for those of you who work downtown, or even just find yourself in the city casually, would you frequent a by the slice pizza place (that's better than Jumbo Slice)? Do you think it would succeed?


Anonymous said...

I've always said we needed a place like Pinochio's from Noho, or Peace a Pizza in Newark. The kind of pizza that comes in varieties like "veggie fajita" or "eggplant parm" or "taco salad."

Anonymous said...

And...we also evidently work in the same area! I ate at the Greek Deli the other day and wasn't so impressed - I'll take Zorba's any day.

friendsforkim said...

Apples - I'd also take that place we went to in Amherst. That was bananas good.

Anonymous said...

There is a place on G Street near the White house. It used to be called Goldies. It was an off shoot of a place near GW

Liza said...

I heard the Italian Store has good pizza by the slice... not in DC though. :(