Monday, February 11, 2008

Virgil? Hello?

One of my all-time favorite works is Dante's Divine Comedy. For those of you who missed that part of AP English in High School, the Comedy is about Dante's journey through Hell and Purgatory to get to Heaven, and his beloved Beatrice.

Dante's guide through Hell and Purgatory is Virgil, the Roman epic poet and author of the Aeneid.

I don't think I've ever said this, but I could have used ole Virgil this past Saturday night, as the crew, Apples and myself went ot Club Heaven and Hell in Adams Morgan.

Heaven and Hell is a dance club separated into two sections; we went upstairs to Heaven (probably the closest I'll get to the real thing), and took a look around.

Looking for food? You're probably not going to get it here - though if you've spilt something on yourself (food, drink, other bodily fluid), you'll see it loud and clear due to the black lights illuminating the dance floor.

Looking for drinks? Yeah, they've got them here, but don't ask for anything with more than two ingredients, or where the ingredients aren't spelled out in the name of the drink (i.e., vodka tonic). Apples ordered a Tom Collins and the bartender had to ask me if that was with Gin or Vodka. She should have given me a tip for helping her out with that one. (Also, on a side note, Tom Collins shouldn't glow. I don't know why, but that's just wrong)

Looking for dancing? If you want to relive your high school prom, this is the place to do it, except for here, you're not awkwardly standing by the wall drinking Shirley Temples like they're going out of style and watching the five girls who turned you down dance with other guys.

I've been to worse bars, and in fact, I actually had some fun. The bar wasn't very crowded so you can get drinks very easily, and with enough booze in ones system, dancing becomes a lot easier.

Heaven and Hell wouldn't be my first choice (or my tenth) in Adams Morgan, but I'd go if forced to again. Let's just say though, that next time I'm inclined to visit either, I'll just crack open a little Dante.


Anonymous said...

my old roommate and his ex were absolutely OBSESSED with that bar. They were obsessed with adams morgan in general - if i'm going out there are a gazillion places i'd rather go (preferably metro accessible/walking distance which i don't consider AM to be)

you are right, the music is usually pretty decent, everytime i've been it's been WICKED crowded, but i've always had a decent time.

Have you been to Angry Inch in AM?

Anthony said...

Yes, and hated it. I was upstairs and there was no room to move. Plus is was so crowded that it was impossible to get a drink/settle a tab.

Unknown said...

Although it does provide for a good visual, I don't recall you drinking Shirley Temples at prom. On a side note I have a friend that is living in Washington now, would you mind if I gave her your contact info to hang out?