Monday, February 25, 2008

Now I'll have to be extra careful

Between Apples and myself we've got our fair share of kitchen gear. As of late though, Apples has been outpacing me by a lot, particularly with the addition of a Wusthof knife and an immersion blender to her kitchen collection.

Well this weekend I closed the gap with the purchase of my very own, brand spankin' new Wusthof Classic Icon chef's knife.

Isn't it pretty? It looks particularly good next to my other two primary knives, which needed a break after years of use.

The new knife though is (ironically enough), a double edged sword, as I'm prone to "kitchen accidents", i.e., requiring a lot of band-aids over the course of a given meal.

So I promised Apples I'd be extra careful with this thing, and I'm hoping that my fingers outlast the blade.

So does anyone out there have any new kitchen gadgets they want to brag about? Anything on your wish list?


Fortran said...

I can show you something that you will probably have to buy if you've never seen it. I give to you: the Mag-Blok.

I think you need to upgrade your current holder to one that is more aesthetic. A friend of mine has one and I really want one. And, frankly, they aren't expensive. It's just my current apartment isn't really designed for a wall knife block.

lacochran said...

So when do you use this one versus the Santoku (which I have to strain really hard not to call a Sodoku). I have a Santoku and I use it for EVERYthing.

Congrats on the new knife and be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

It's better to cut yourself with a sharp blade than a dull one. I learned this with my Wusthof over Christmas... Good luck with that!