Thursday, April 5, 2007

Short Sushi Stop

It’s always fun to hang out with fellow foodies – eating with them is even better. So last night, when my friend Lisa, of Kitchenette Diaries fame (see link on right) called and asked if I wanted to join her at 2Amy’s, I had to say yes.

But this post isn’t about 2Amy’s and the delicious stuffed pizza I had there, it’s about the roll that Lisa ordered at Sushi Sushi across the street beforehand.

There’s always at wait at 2Amy’s, so we took advantage of the sushi bar across the street to allow the time to pass and the grumbling in our stomachs to stop.

Now I can’t quite give a review on Sushi Sushi because, well…I really didn’t have enough to make a proper judgment, though from what I saw and tasted it looks promising (though the service was a little slow and don’t like the way they have their sushi bar set up).

What I can talk about is the roll that Lisa got – a concoction of crab, avocado, rice, seaweed and salmon with a thin slice of lemon on top that was perhaps the most inventive and one of the best single bites of sushi I’ve ever had.

The real key to the piece was the lemon. I had a piece sans lemon, and it just was like almost any other piece of sushi I’d had. The lemon, if one were to dramatize this wondrous event, was the vessel on which the flavors of the fish and avocado and rice traveled – and it was a journey I’d gladly take again.

Alas, I don’t have any pictures, but it gives me another reason to hop on over to Sushi Sushi during my wait for 2Amy’s and get this spectacular morsel of food.

Sushi Sushi
Couldn’t find a website – but it’s on Macomb across from 2Amy’s

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