Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Iron Chef Recap and other news

Iron Chef Recap

A day late but hopefully not a dollar short, here’s your Iron Chef America recap for this past Sunday, April 8th.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, whose last appearance was against molecular gastronomist Homaro Cantu in Battle Beet at the end of last season. Looking to redeem himself for the loss in the season finale, Morimoto tangled with winner of the Iron Chef Atlanta competition, Linton Hopkins in Battle Sablefish.

In a fantastic contrast to the previous week’s battle, Battle Goat, Morimoto and Hopkins were incredibly calm, almost appearing in slow motion as they worked their various pieces of Sablefish into five dishes a piece.

The Battle went to Morimoto, who suffered initially with a parmesan sablefish soup, which was an incredibly heavy and illogical choice for the Iron Chef, but was able to recover in the last four dishes with a fried sablefish sandwich (a takeoff on a filet-o-fish) and a traditional Japanese sablefish dish.

In other news:

-I just finished Kitchen Confidential and will be writing a review, most likely combined with a review of Les Halles this Sunday
-I will also be writing a review over the next few days on Uni, a sushi joint in Dupont, where I ended up after facing a block-long line at Sushi Taro on all you can eat sushi day.

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