Monday, January 15, 2007

Bolt from the Blue

It is said that lightning never strikes twice, that memory deceives, and that there is too much of a good thing. Whoever coined these phrases obviously has never eaten at Zola. Attached to the International Spy Museum, Jill and I visited Zola last August for Restaurant Week (my review from my other blog: Wondering around DC on Friday, playing hooky and working up an appetite, fate brought us back to Zola.

We sat at the bar, lucky enough to get the only two seats not taken by hungry restaurant week visitors, and were pleased to hear that unlike August, we had the entire menu at our mercy. After the initial shock of culinary choice wore off, decisions were made and appetizers delivered. Otherwise unthinkable at $15, but feasible due to the restaurant week deal, I started off with the grilled flat bread. Covered with incredibly delicate smoked salmon, goat cheese and red onion, the flat bread covered an entire dinner plate and was a well-balanced, absolutely delicious way to start a meal.

The main course was a grilled ahi tuna gyro, which was a playfully delectable twist on a Greek favorite. The tuna, well seasoned and perfectly cooked to the degree where it felt like I was eating lamb, made the dish, which was served with a side of al dente orzo pasta. The pita was dry and tasteless, but still edible enough not to detract from my enjoyment.

The meal came to a conclusion with a wonderful peanut butter trifle, which somehow managed to walk the line between richly dense and feather light. A mix of peanut butter cream, chocolate cookies and whipped cream the dish was as beautiful as it was delicious, and made the woman sitting next to me declare that she just should have ordered dessert – all of them.

Again we left with smiles on our faces and wonderful food in our stomachs, hoping that next time fate brings us back to Zola, lightning strikes for a third time.


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Lizard said...

Salmon thing sounds incredible. Next time I'm hitting up H&M I might have to stop at Zola.