Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's the little things...

Just a short post and a quick thought, which makes sense because it's about the little things. Today two of my wonderful co-workers and myself ventured down King Street for Pho for lunch. Now we had visited this establishment (which shall remain unnamed because I don't remember what it's called) twice before and have always had problems with the service. The food is decent - we've gotten both Pho and sushi, but never with prompt service.

Today being a cold day was a perfect candidate for the warmth of a big bowl of Pho. If you've had Pho before, or know of it, you know that it usually comes with a nice plate of sprouts, lime, and mint. However, the establishment in question just doesn't understand that some people like mint, a lot of it, in their Pho. After receiving just a few small leaves of mint, one of my co-workers asked for more. Did more arrive? No; not until a half hour later when I was eating some Pho of my own and had to ask myself.

Yet, when the mint finally arrived (around forty minutes after the initial request), it was the wrong kind of mint.

Yes lunch is a busy time, and yes servers can forget sometimes. But to deny someone a major ingredient in their dish just isn't acceptable. It's a small request unfulfilled; and that just shows that the little things are sometimes what keep people from eating at your restaurant.

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