Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slow News Day

It was a slow food day today, but I'll recap three quick items:

1) The WaPo food chat was quality reading, per usual. You can find the link to the page with the link at the top right hand corner of this page. Read it - it'll be the best thing you do all day.

2) The Kitchenette Diaries, written by friend and co-worker Lisa Bo Feng is finally updated, and with one of the best food pictures I've seen in a long time. Also, please reference the link above.

3) As part of a promise being collected on from my boss, the VP of the firm I work for is taking a group of us to Farrah Olivia in Old Town Alexandria on Friday for lunch. They're still doing restaurant week, but I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be able to choose from what looks like a great menu. See link below.

That is all.


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