Friday, February 16, 2007

The Power of Soup

Usually I resist posting about on-campus food. Our grub is usually good but definitely not great, and more often than not, menus get repeated so often that I could essentially cut'n'paste entries from the week before. But every once in a while my mood perfectly lines up with the food being offered (we're going to credit this more to my mood than the food (moment to appreciate the rhyme)), and makes the entire world seem sweet. This seems to happen most often on Fridays. We're going to credit that to Friday's lack of classes. Anyway. Today's star-aligning moment was catalyzed by a simple yet delicious bowl of French onion soup at Smith's vegetarian house. Hot, rich, oniony, and properly topped with a french-bread-'n'-cheese crouton, which appreciated sogginess as the soup wore on, that French onion just about made my day. At least, the first half of my day. This afternoon it will get even better: Ant's coming to visit, so we'll get to fight over who writes the next couple entries. Happy Friday! Have some soup.

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