Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eating on Ice

This is a bit of a departure from my normal posts, but I figured I’d give it a shot, and see if, like cooked spaghetti, it stuck.

Last night, a good friend of mine got me a free ticket to the Washington Capitals v. Florida Panthers hockey game. The game was quality, with the Panthers winning in a shootout – but since this is a food blog, I wanted to make some comments on the food at the Verizon Center:

- The prices were fairly decent for a sporting event, and a major one at that. $4.00 for a hotdog may seem ridiculous, but that’s probably nothing compared to what we’ll see at Nationals and Redskins games later this year. The most expensive things I saw were beer, chicken fingers, and personal Papa John’s pizzas, all for $7.00. I’m not saying it’s exactly cheap eats – but it’s not bad.

- The Acela Club Restaurant – obviously sponsored by Amtrak – looks over the ice, in a great location. Again, I didn’t have any of the food, or look at the menu, but if I had a lot of money to blow, that might be a good way to watch a hockey game.

- Eating a whole tub of cotton candy by yourself – not a good idea.

And now, pictures:

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Lizard said...

i'm glad that at the ripe old age of 23 you've figured out that eating a whole tub of cotton candy by yourself is not a good idea.